RingCentral Chatbot Framework for Javascript

The RingCentral Chatbot Framework for Javascript allows developers to easily create and deploy production-ready bots that work with RingCentral Team Messaging, a.k.a. "Glip." The framework provides an out-of-box solution for many of the challenges all bot developers must overcome when creating stateful and smart bots to be used by the public.


  • Bot token management. The bot is always authorized to access Glip resources, developers don’t need to write any code to connection.
  • Bot WebHook management. WebHooks are implemented in the framework so no code is needed to receive all kinds of events from Glip.
  • Remove & re-add bot. You can remove and re-add chatbots as you want, and the framework will take care of the setting up and cleaning up.
  • Turn-key AWS Lambda Deployment. By using this framework, the chatbot you created can be easily deployed to AWS Lambda.
  • Bot maintainence. Special bot commands allow you to easily update bot name and avatar and as the developer you don’t need to write any code for it.
  • Data Persistence. Data is saved in database. MySQL, Postgres and SQLite are supported.