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RingCentral Google Drive Add-In

RingCentral’s Google Drive Add-in is a bot within RingCentral App that alerts users to NEW FILE SHARES and NEW COMMENTS. In addition to these key features, the following additional features are available with this integration:

How To Use

Data Usage Justification

The following content shows what we do with your Google Drive data:

Data Action Purpose
Get user data collect user information so we know who has access to a document or who is subscribing to events
Subscribe to changes on your Google Drive monitor document changes on your Google Drive and send the details about what changed so we can notify you of the changes
Get file changes data actively get the latest changes to a document so we can identify the types of changes made to it
Get file data  
specifically retrieve details about the comment like who wrote it and what did they say along with new file share notifications  
Get comment data actively get the comment info so to show users a clear and comprehensive message on new comment notifications
Create reply  
create a reply from you to comments in a Google Doc directly from within RingCentral App  
Create file access permissions allow you to grant user access to files by creating the appropriate permission
Stop subscription channel let user completely unsubscribe from new change notifications

Additional Info