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Enumeration Members

ACTIVE_SPEAKER_USER_CHANGED: "active-speaker-user-changed"

Occurs when the active speaker user is changed.

ACTIVE_VIDEO_USER_CHANGED: "active-video-user-changed"

Occurs when the active video user is changed.

AUDIO_MUTE_BY_SERVER: "audio-mute-by-server"

Occurs when the local audio mute by server.

LOCAL_DIAL_STATE_CHANGED: "local-dial-state-changed"

Occurs when the local dial state is changed.

USER_JOINED: "user-joined"

Occurs when a new user joins a meeting

USER_LEFT: "user-left"

Occurs when a user leaves or disconnects from a meeting

USER_ROLE_CHANGED: "user-role-changed"

Occurs when a user role has changed, such as, user assigned to moderator.

USER_UPDATED: "user-updated"

Occurs when a user's state changed

VIDEO_MUTE_BY_SERVER: "video-mute-by-server"

Occurs when the local video mute by server.