This demo app is designed to showcase common RingCentral integration use cases for browser app integrations.

Design goals for this demo app include running on a server as static HTML with no dynamic or storage back end. All state is maintained on the client using HTML5 local storage.

An easy way to run this locally is to clone the GitHub repository at https://github.com/ringcentral/ringcentral-cti-demo-js and run Node.js http-server.

Getting Started

To get started, click the button in the upper right corner to add your sandbox application key and application secret.

This will also let you set a default username, extension and password that will be used as default values in the Linked Accounts page for ease of demo purposes.

For more in-depth information use the Instructions page.

The RingCentral Connect Platform provides a REST API that uses OAuth 2.0 for authorization.

Go to Linked Accounts to see how this is done.

Click-to-Dial is supported using both RingOut and URI Scheme.

Use the Contacts page to view both of these methods in action.

This demo includes subscribing to inbound calls, extracting the caller id, performing a database lookup and then display a screen pop.

This exists on every page.

Use the Call Log demo to retrieve and display call logs.

Call recordings can be accessed the following ways:

  1. Download
  2. Streaming Playback

See the integrated Call Log / Recording demo to access call recordings.

Integated SMS is a popular CTI add on for integrations.