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How do I send a mass SMS message to 50+ recipients?


I need to be able to mass text one message to a list of 50 phone numbers....copy the numbers, paste in a text and send. Frustrating that this is not possible please if you could add this feature it would be a HUGE time saver....typing 50 phone numbers is no bueno!


Once upon a time it was a lot easier to send mass SMS messages when there were fewer regulations or consumer protections. However, in 2022, carriers began the process of locking down considerably on the sending of unsolicited SMS messages. To help combat "SMS spam" and other forms of SMS fraud, carriers began requiring those sending SMS for business purposes to first register their company's brand, and to register campaigns that describe the nature of the messages being sent.

This registration process is known as "TCR." Applications through this process are first reviewed by RingCentral to assist customers prior to submitting the applications to carriers to final approval.

In a post-TCR world, customers are advised to operate carefully when needing to send mass SMS campaigns. The following resources may be helpful as you work to satisfy this use case.

Additional resources