RingCentral Embeddable

Two ways to integrate this widget to your web application

Just add following the following codes to your website's header. It will create a iframe in your website.

  (function() {
    var rcs = document.createElement("script");
    rcs.src = "https://ringcentral.github.io/ringcentral-embeddable/adapter.js";
    var rcs0 = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
    rcs0.parentNode.insertBefore(rcs, rcs0);

Create a iframe with the following codes

 <iframe width="300" height="500" allow="microphone" src="https://ringcentral.github.io/ringcentral-embeddable/app.html">

You need to add following uri to your redirect url in app setting on developer website, if you don't config redirect widget uri.


Config your appKey in local Environment

1. Click here to set this widget's appKey, appSecret and AppServer in local. Enable and save.

2. Set redirect url in RingCentral Developer Platform as the app show.

In environment way, appKey and appSecret are saved in your localstorage, so it will not influence other people.

This app support authorization code and implicit grant flows. If you only provider appKey, it will use implicit grant flow. If you provide appKey and appSecret, it will use authorization code. In implicit grant flow, app will not refresh token, so user will log out after 1 hour. If you want to use implicit grant flow, please keep appSecret blank.

Some tests

Click to SMS: +1234567890

Click to SMS with Text: +1234567890

Click to Call: +1234567888